Photos of A

My friend A is promotional model. She needed new photos, and I was happy to oblige, Here are some favorites from the shoot.


A Day Without Shoes

These photos were taken for A Day Without Shoes. All over the world, small children have to go without shoes where they are stricken by poverty. TOM’s shoes is looking to eliminate this by donating a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that is sold. One for  one. To raise awareness on the impact of shoes in a child’s life, April 5th is A Day Without Shoes. I went barefoot for the cause today and took some amazing photos at Krazy Mary’s Boutique in East Sacramento, CA.

Portfolio Building SESSIONS

I am currently offering portfolio building sessions! Now that I am settled in my new area, I’d like to get back to expanding my portfolio. These sessions are free of charge, excluding any expenses incurred (cost of film, prints, ect).

The fine print: I can do digital or film photography. I prefer to work with film as I am a purist at heart, but digital is convenient and I will do whichever you prefer. Either way you will receive a photo cd with sized-for-web images. All I ask is that you allow me to post the photos here on this website, and that you do not alter my images in any way. You can post them wherever you wish, provided you credit me and link back to this website.

A Warm Fall Day

This was taken during the long summer we had in 2010. It seemed to last forever. I thought the heat would never end! Being from the bay area, getting used to the hotter climate here may take me some time.


This is Snickers. He is my cat. Well, one of the many.

Some Old Favorites

I was going through some of my old favorite film photos the other day. I have a love affair with film. I have a DSLR too, so I can accommodate all tastes and DSLR does come with an added convenience.  I just love the look of film, the colors, the way the highlights look, everything about it. Perhaps I am a purist at heart, and more than a little bit old fashioned. I took most of these with an old fashioned fully manual camera, straight out of the 70s. Love that vintage look.

These photos are ones that are personal to me, ones that I really loved. I hope you will too.

Some Favorites

As a general rule, I don’t like to post a lot of photos here of my own family. However, these are some of my very favorite photos.